Help – please email MEPs now to save dolphins

Urgent action needed – please send a message to MEPs and hep protect dolphins and porpoises.

We need your help 

Next Tuesday, the European Parliament will vote on fisheries measures that could be disastrous for dolphins, porpoises and whales and other marine species such as turtles and sea birds. But you can help!

In a nutshell, the measures being voted on are utterly inadequate and do not give nearly enough protection from accidental entanglement in fishing gear. Thousands of dolphins, porpoises and whales die this way every year, yet these horrific deaths could be prevented with stronger regulations.

Every MEP has a vote on Tuesday –  please urge yours to vote to protect dolphins, whales and porpoises. We need MEPs to make sure the regulations are made much stronger or thrown out completely and rewritten.

A porpoise caught in a fishing net

We really need you to help with this one  as it’s not looking good for dolphins and porpoises like the poor individual in the picture above. We have this one chance to stop these tragic and needless deaths.

Please send a message to your MEPs and ask them to make their vote count.

It’s really simple to do. I’ve even listed some suggestions for what you might want to say in your message. Please, help us save thousands of dolphins, porpoises and whales from a slow and agonising death.

Thank you for your brilliant support.

Julia Thoms

WDC campaigns manager

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