Is the Old now the New?

Der Mensch - das faszinierende Wesen

Anticipation, Uncertainty, Insecurity.
We’re once again full of hope.
Another New Year has just begun.
Already all sort of yarn for tall tales
of bigger, better, yet uncertain,
unpredictable times ahead
is already being spun,
and woven into a frail & fragile fabric
of insecurity.
The New Year’s arrival,
at midnight…

bidding farewell to the old…
exactly on time…
in well proven tradition,
both splendid and right.
It was welcomed with happy dancing,
with lively music, with joyful singing,
with happy laughter and hopeful speculation,
with flaring, brilliantly sparkling,
crackling, booming, bursting, banging,
widely echoing and clanging,
loud cheers and toasts,
thundering fireworks,

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