Tell Abercrombie: Put workers’ lives over profit!

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The That’s It Sportswear factory fire in 2010, where workers were sewing cltohes for Abercrombie & Fitch. (c) Andrew Biraj/Reuters


We’re following up on our earlier email asking you to send a letter to Abercrombie. Of the brands who signed the first Accord on fire and building safety, many have committed to continuing the Accord program and are making plans to keep workers safe in the country for the long term. But Abercrombie & Fitch won’t make the same guarantee.

Send a message to Abercrombie now: put workers’ lives over profit!

In 2010, 29 workers died in a factory producing clothing for A&F. Even after this tragedy, it took consumer advocacy to encourage them to prioritize safety in their factories by joining the first Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. With demonstrations and petitions, tweets and fliers, consumers let A&F know that their failure to protect their workers was unacceptable.

Now, we’ve reached another critical juncture where consumer action is needed. Abercrombie & Fitch is refusing to confirm whether they will stay in the same Accord program they were applauded for joining just five years ago. Already 60 companies have publicly committed to continuing with the Accord – but not Abercrombie. We need A&F to understand that keeping workers safe isn’t a fad like their pastel polo shirts – it’s a basic responsibility that, when ignored by brands, can kill workers on the job. We need your support to show them that the world is watching their decision.

It’s important that the company hear from consumers like you. Take action to urge them to stay in the safety program for another three years – because lives are on the line.

In solidarity,

Liana Foxvog

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