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This is exciting. A couple of weeks ago we launched our long-awaited research paper, “Escaping growth Dependency” at an event in parliament alongside MPs and famous economists such as Kate Raworth, author of Doughnut Economics. [1] It helped us get some fantastic news coverage in articles written by Positive Money executive director, Fran Boait:

“The UK’s misguided obsession with GDP is driving us all into debt” – The Independent

Unless We Kick Our Addiction to Growth, We’re Heading Towards A Debt-Fuelled Dystopia” – The Huffington Post

The headlines might seem gloomy, but our message is a hopeful one. One article finishes: “Economic growth itself was only introduced as a priority in the second half of the twentieth century. Just as ideas and the systems they produce have been changed before, we too have the power to change them again.

Together we know we have the ideas and solutions we need to create a fairer better economic system. And we know that our power comes from – not just our ideas – but the number of us willing to spread and support our vision of a fairer economic system. Every time each of us convinces another person to sing from our hymn sheet, our power builds a little more.

So if you are excited by the Positive Money movement – by our research, campaigns and events – please will you share the message below with 5 friends or family who you think could be persuaded to join our movement now? You can copy and paste it into an email, Facebook message or text message (and feel free to change it into your own words!):

Hi, I’m a supporter of the Positive Money campaign. We’re a people-powered movement to reform the money and banking system so that we can have a fairer, more democratic and more sustainable economy.

There are lots of important campaigns we can choose to support. But this one is all about changing the root causes of many of the things that are important to me and to our society: our housing crisis, soaring inequality, protecting our environment, an unstable economy.

Slowly but surely, Positive Money is leading the charge for a fairer and better money and banking system. Just last week they launched some groundbreaking research in an event in parliament with high-profile economists, journalists and MPs there.

The more of us who join this movement – simply by signing up to their campaign online as a starting point – the closer we’ll get to changing things for good.

Please will you consider joining me and signing up to Positive Money’s fortnightly newsletter? You can sign up and read more about the great events, research and activity Positive Money supporters have been up to recently, here: http://positivemoney.org/blog


Last week’s launch event of the Escaping Growth Dependency paper brought together journalists, MPs, economists and activists. It was fantastic to have so many people in a room hearing how reforming the monetary system could prevent our dependence on unsustainable growth. And we’re pleased to announce you can now watch a video of the event here.


But before you do, please take a minute to share the message above with 5 friends. Because the more of us who are willing to spread our message, the more powerful we’ll be. And when hundreds of us do it at the same time, the ripple effect can be huge – that is the wonderful magic of people power.

Thanks for being involved,

Rachel, Sophie, Fran and the rest of the Positive Money team

PS: You can see a summary and a link to the full paper here.


[1] http://positivemoney.org/2018/02/escaping-growth-dependency-launch-parliament-video/


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