See Yourself in Everyone Else


We all deserve to be free—and that includes animals.

This mother cow broke free from her restraints to chase after a truck carrying away her newborn baby.

She knows people are taking him away, and like any mother would, she tries frantically to save her child—who will likely be slaughtered for veal when still a baby.

Whether we have fur, feathers, fins, skin, or scales, we all have the ability to feel happiness, sorrow, and pain. Just because humans can do whatever they want to animals doesn’t mean that they should. Birds don’t belong in cages, pigs don’t belong on plates, and elephants don’t belong in shackles any more than humans do.


Sugar gliders are little nocturnal marsupials who, in the wild, live in trees in large colonies, exploring and foraging with their families.

© / David Callan

But some are bred in disgusting facilities similar to puppy mills—then sold like souvenirs at malls, fairs, festivals, and conventions to people who likely don’t even have the slightest clue how to care for them.

Here’s the thing: Animals are NOT jackets–they feel pain and want to live, just as much as humans do. So much, that trapped coyotes have even been known to chew through their limbs in attempt to escape. So. F*cked. Up.

The meat industry considers this “humane.” 😒

Workers hacked open these animals‘ necks, trying to dislocate their vertebrae. They shoved metal rods into their heads to try to scramble their brains—all while they were still conscious. Minutes after these often failed attempts, their legs and tails were still moving on the bleed rack and in the ice bins.

Does this sound like luxury to you?

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