Stop Japan whaling – sign now!

Take action now and help us stop Japan whaling. Urge the EU to get tough on Japan in trade talks.

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Japan’s Prime Minister announced that he wants to resume commercial whaling. We need you to take action now!


Japan's PM wants to resume commercial whaling

Please urge the EU to use trade talks to get tough on whaling

The EU is about to finalise a trade deal with Japan. For the deal to be sealed, it needs approval from the European Parliament.

First, the deal will be reviewed by the European Parliament’s Trade Committee. Then, they will recommend a way forward to the rest of the EU Parliament. We need the Trade Committee review to raise Japan’s whaling as a concern.

Add your name to our letter to Bernd Lange, Chair of the Trade Committee. Tell Mr Lange that the EU Parliament must not sign off on the trade agreement and must get tough on Japan over whaling.

Almost 270,000 people signed our previous petition urging the EU to refuse this deal unless Japan stops killing whales. This petition is currently being discussed in the EU. If you were one of those people – thank you!  Now we need to step up the pressure and convince the Trade Committee to act.​

It makes me so sad that I even have to ask for your help to try to stop people killing whales. These magnificent, intelligent beings deserve so much better. I believe that together, one day, we will end whaling – we can’t give up the fight until that day comes.

Thank you for your support

Julia Thoms

WDC campaigns manager


Our campaign story so farA whaler takes aim

Have you been a part of this campaign for a while? Are you new to it and want to know more? Astrid Fuchs leads our Stop Whaling team and she reminds us of the progress we’ve made together, and why this is such an important battle.


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