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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation


Thank you for being part of WDC 

Together, we achieved remarkable things for whales and dolphins last year. Here’s a video celebrating our achievements. I hope you enjoy it and feel proud that you played a part in these successes by signing our petitions and supporting our campaigns.

I’ve also got brilliant news on two recent victories. After years of campaigning by WDC and other groups, the Vancouver Aquarium has finally agreed to stop holding whales and dolphins captive. Meanwhile, in Scotland our efforts have paid off and the Scottish Government is preparing to create protected areas for minke whales and Risso’s dolphins. I’ll be asking for your help in the coming months when they hold a public consultation.

Please consider making a small donation to help us do even more in 2018. We are completely reliant on the generosity of people like you to fund our work and it’s really tough to raise money these days. The smallest gifts add up to make a difference, so a gift of ÂŁ3, ÂŁ5, ÂŁ10 or whatever you can spare would be extremely gratefully received.


Enjoy the warm glow from your video, and thank you for making all these things possible!

Julia Thoms

WDC campaigns manager

A Risso's dolphin leaps

Scottish success

We are so happy that after seven years of WDC campaigning, the Scottish Government has listened. They will hold public consultations on plans to create protected areas in Scottish seas. If you took part in this campaign over the years, thank you – this is your victory!


Dolphins at Vancouver Aquarium

Aquarium win

Vancouver Aquarium will stop keeping whales and dolphins captive. This is a huge victory for us, for you and for everyone who campaigned over the years. Now we need to ensure Helen the dolphin (pictured in the foreground) and the belugas (‚on loan‘ to other facilities) have a safe future.


Urban Beach Clean

Urban Beach Clean

Up to 95% of the plastic in the ocean comes from land. Plastic litter poses a massive danger to whales and dolphins. You can help clean-up the seas by picking up litter where you live. On the first weekend of March, join in with our Urban Beach Clean, supported by Julia Bradbury and Michaela Strachan.



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