Meet Nutmeg and Other Dogs Locked Inside Filthy Cages in Chinese Puppy Mills — ADOPT … DON’T … SHOP

As China gets ready to ring in the Year of the Dog, a new PETA eyewitness investigation has revealed that many dogs are languishing in disgusting, filthy puppy mills there.

At a facility in the Guangdong province, an eyewitness met Nutmeg, a white bulldog who was suffering from severe hip dysplasia, which can lead to crippling lameness and painful arthritis. The only way he could move around was by dragging his back legs behind him.



Puppy mills are mass-breeding facilities at which dogs are exploited for profit. They’re confined to dirty cages, neglected, and then sold to anyone who wants to buy them—because pet stores don’t do background checks on customers.

PETA’s latest exposé found that dogs in China’s puppy mills are kept in cages that are barely any bigger than they are, which doesn’t allow even their most basic needs to be met.



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