Defending Democracy in Cambodia

Dear Sylvia,

Over 100 organizations have now joined the call for an end to the politically motivated prosecution of Cambodian human rights defender Tola Moeun, since a letter to the Cambodian government was published last month. Tola is the Executive Director of the Center for the Alliance of Labor and Human Rights (CENTRAL), and is a renowned advocate for labor rights in Cambodia. These charges are an attempt to silence and punish one of the country’s leading independent voices for worker rights.

If you haven’t already joined our global call, add your name to our urgent action here.

The initial letter was co-written and signed by four global unions and more than 30 national and international human rights and worker rights NGOs, after prosecutors in Cambodia sought criminal charges and an order for pre-trial detention against Tola and two other prominent civil society leaders. Since the letter was published, many additional organizations from around the world have signed in support, including Amnesty International, all calling for the Cambodian government to respect fundamental human rights and to immediately drop the charges against Tola and his two co-defendants.

This year, ILRF will honor the work of CENTRAL and Tola at our annual Labor Rights Defenders Awards. You can meet Tola at the awards ceremony on May 9th in Washington D.C., and hear firsthand his story of organizing for human rights in the face of repression. Click here for tickets and more information.

In solidarity,

Sarah Newell
Campaigns Associate

This email was sent by the International Labor Rights Forum.
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