The first ever #GenderandSex conference was a success!

Caroline Craddock | | CitizenGO

Last week, the world came together in Madrid at the first ever Gender, Sex, and Education conference!

The #GenderandSex Conference, hosted by CitizenGO, explored the dangers of the gender ideology and the lifestyles and laws it prescribes. Renowned speakers, academics, and authors gathered to share their experiences, their research, and their advice.

Gender ideology is prevalent in our culture. It hurts children, it breaks apart the family, and it divides our nations. We want to make your voices heard against this dangerous agenda.

I’m happy to report that the #GenderandSex conference was a great success! Attendees walked away inspired, and with a better understanding of how to present and defend their pro-family views.

Here is a short summary video that includes some conference highlights:



During the conference, speakers, attendees, and like-minded organizations signed the Madrid Declaration. The Madrid Declaration is a conclusive statement about the dangers of gender ideology.

You can read the full Declaration at this link:

The Madrid Declaration states:

We are sure that the truth will help to alleviate suffering. We want to defend the right of children to not be manipulated and indoctrinated by gender ideology. We want to defend the right of parents to educate their children freely. And we want to defend the right and responsibility of scientists to work and share their research, without constraint from “gag laws.”

This declaration is a landmark international statement against gender ideology. It has already been signed by scientists, academics, non-profit leaders, and thousands of people like you from around the world.

Thank you for standing with us against the dangerous agenda of those who support the „gender ideology.“ We could not do what we do without the support of like-minded individuals like you.


​Caroline Craddock and the entire CitizenGO team

P.S. Have you had a chance to watch the full lectures? If not, you can watch them now! They are available for you to view by clicking below:



I found these lectures informative and inspirational, I hope you will too!

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