Re: #MarchForOurLives

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At Saturday’s #MarchForOurLives, we saw hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets. Demonstrations in D.C. and across the nation showed politicians that it’s high time that the lives and safety of the people become the priority. It’s time that we end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools.

Although Asian Americans aren’t always included in the national narrative on gun violence, we are both victim and occasionally shooter. Our friend Frances Kai-Hwa Wang writes in our essay series, “Write Back, Fight Back” about her fears while preparing her 13 year old multiracial son for encounters with the police and gun violence.*

“I began to coach Little Brother on how to take his hoodie off; how to control his voice and volume even if angry or afraid; how to talk to police and strangers respectfully; how to move slowly and to keep his hands visible; how to look out for himself and his friends. Then, after he panicked when he saw two police officers at the grocery store, I also try to teach him how to not be afraid of the police when he really needs them, and how to tell which strangers would be safe to ask for help when needed.

Does any of this really help? I don’t know.”

In “Preparing Little Brother for a Mass Shooting.” Frances Kai-Hwa Wang writes about how for Asian Americans gun violence is shaped by the perceptions that we are different, foreign, immigrant, terrorist, and other.

We’re sharing one new essay each week and we hope you’ll #WriteBackFightBack white supremacy with us.

In solidarity,

Taz, Laura, Cayden and the 18MR Team

P.S. Have you signed our letter calling on Asian Americans to condemn white supremacy? You still can here.

*We launched “Write Back, Fight Back” with our friends Reappropriate and Asian Americans Advancing Justice because we saw the need for Asian Americans to speak out about white supremacy from perspectives that are uniquely ours.
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