Thoughts of Love

Der Mensch - das faszinierende Wesen

which I penned in the intermission
of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s
Cosi fan Tutte,
between Acts I & II:
during the Metropolitan Operas HD-live broadcast
on 3/31/2018

Ah, a very timely and timeless theme,
well-prepared, well-rehearsed, well engaged, well crafted,
technically well done & very cleverly staged…
the tricky action flawlessly well-acted,
and all parts perfectly well-sung… 🙂
by all soloists and the entire cast…

a theme which is universal…
and which will always and easily lend itself
to a time-befitting, recent modification
or a contemporary, totally modern adaptation… 🙂

is a complex, confounding, confusing, and compounding mix
of magic, mystery, mastery, wildness,
wonder, amazement, and mania,
at times even bordering
on the edge of madness…
more often than not, however,
resolving itself into self-surprising
self-reassuring, self-satisfying
happiness and gladness…
healing self-inflicted wounds
due to paramount self-seeking…

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