Free ice cream cones? We think not!

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Help celebrate Ben & Jerry’s ’not-so-free‘ cone day!

Consumers dump Ben & Jerry's ice cream outside scoop shopDear Friend,

Today, April 10, is Ben & Jerry’s annual Free Cone Day. There’s only one problem: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is never free—because we all pay for the health and environmental damage caused by Ben & Jerry’s factory farm dairy practices.

TAKE ACTION: Call, email, or post on Ben & Jerry’s social media today to let Ben & Jerry’s know that factory farm ice cream is not what consumers want. It’s time to go 100% organic!

OCA has been running a campaign against Ben & Jerry’s factory farm ice cream ever since we announced that the brand is contaminated with Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller.

Glyphosate contamination isn’t the only problem with Ben & Jerry’s. Water pollution caused by non-organic dairy farms that supply Ben & Jerry’s is costing taxpayers millions.

Today, please help get the word out that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is never free. Please take one or more of the actions below:

• Call Ben & Jerry’s customer service at 802-846-1500

Sign the petition to Ben & Jerry’s

Post on Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page

Download this flyer and hand it out in front of your local Ben & Jerry’s retailer

Download this glyphosate fact sheet and share it widely

Make a tax-deductible donation to support our campaign asking Ben & Jerry’s to go organic

It’s time to call Ben & Jerry’s ice cream what it truly is—factory farm ice cream.

Please help get the word out to friends and family. And please let Ben & Jerry’s know that you don’t buy the brand’s “squeaky clean” image story!

Thanks you!

Katherine, for the OCA team

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