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April 2018 E-News

Join Our Team!
The Fight for Dignity in Honduras
Day of Action at Abercrombie & Fitch
New ILRF Report Highlights “Wrong Turn” in CAFTA Arbitration Decision
Legal Attacks Against Human Rights Defenders in Thailand
What Is the Significance of China’s #MeToo Movement?
What Has Changed Since Rana Plaza?
Save the Date: 2018 Labor Rights Defenders Awards

Join Our Team!

ILRF is looking for an energetic campaigner to help us build worker power and promote social justice in global agricultural commodity supply chains. Please see more details at this job description. Applications due April 23.

Photo courtesy of Rini Templeton

The Fight for Dignity in Honduras

In Honduras, defending your rights at work can cost you your life. If you are in Washington, D.C., join us for this event, which will highlight how workers in Honduras are standing up to corporations that exploit, harm and impoverish people in the name of profit. We will examine U.S. policy, violence against worker rights activists, and the root causes of the current migration crisis. Meet Honduran trade unionist, Tomas Membreño, and learn about how we can support workers in Honduras who are fighting for justice in their workplaces!

Thursday, April 19, 2:00 – 3:00pm  |  Solidarity Center, 1130 Connecticut Ave NW #800, Washington, DC 20036

Photo courtesy of Rel UITA

Day of Action at Abercrombie & Fitch

During the week of April 18-24, 2018, leading up to the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse, students, union members, consumers, and activists around the world will join in a Global Week of Action calling on laggard apparel brands to sign the 2018 Accord. A&F must sign the renewed Accord and recommit to protecting the lives of the people who make their profit possible. Join ILRF, Workers United (SEIU), and United Students Against Sweatshops in the streets to send a message to Abercrombie: the risk of another factory fire is too high.

New ILRF Report Highlights “Wrong Turn” in CAFTA Arbitration Decision

Despite finding that the Government of Guatemala repeatedly failed to effectively enforce its labor laws, as required under CAFTA, the arbitration panel concluded that the U.S. failed to prove these violations occurred “in a manner affecting trade,” letting Guatemala off the hook. Our new report takes the panel to task for its narrow, economistic approach to the case, including its refusal to consider reports from the International Labour Organization, United Nations, and prominent NGOs with overwhelming evidence of the government’s widespread failure to enforce its labor laws. It concludes with recommendations on how to fix NAFTA and other future trade deals so that labor standards are enforceable in practice.

Photo courtesy of Maria Fleischman/World Bank

Legal Attacks Against Human Rights Defenders in Thailand

Migrant rights advocate Andy Hall has been ordered to pay 10 million baht ($321,000) in civil damages to the pineapple company Natural Fruit Co. Ltd. Hall was a researcher on a report published by the Finnish NGO FinnWatch that documented egregious labor exploitation at factories owned by Natural Fruit, which then brought two criminal cases and two civil cases against Hall. Litigation to silence human rights defenders who expose human rights violations in business operations continues to be a serious problem in Thailand. You can send a message in support of 14 migrant workers facing similar charges for exposing conditions of forced labor at a chicken farm here.

What Is the Significance of China’s #MeToo Movement?

As feminist activists popularize the #MeToo movement in China, sexual harassment at work is getting more public attention. Journalists and Foxconn workers alike are calling for greater scrutiny and safeguards against harassment. This conversation, which features ILRF’s Kevin Lin, looks at the legal, workplace and civil society solutions, and their challenges and risks.

What Has Changed Since Rana Plaza?

Just two weeks before the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse – the deadliest disaster in the history of manufacturing – scholars, journalists, human rights advocates, and corporate and labor leaders from the U.S., Europe, and Bangladesh came together at the Ford Foundation in New York City to assess the state of workplace safety and labor rights in Bangladesh’s massive garment industry. Check out a short video clip from Mem Akter, General Secretary of the Dress and Dismatic Workers‘ Union, or watch the full event livestream here. The event has been covered by news sources like Racked, Fashionista and Women’s Wear Daily. You can also read the reports distributed during this event here and here.

Photo courtesy of ILRF

Get Your Tickets for the 2018 Labor Rights Defenders Awards

Please join us this year on May 9th in Washington, DC to honor the bravery and dedication of four leading labor rights defenders:

  • Center for Alliance of Labor and Human Rights (CENTRAL) in Cambodia
  • Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT)
  • Mary Ann Stein, Moriah Fund

Can’t join us on May 9th? Please show your support for ILRF by sponsoring the 2018 Labor Rights Defenders Awards or by making a tax-deductible donation. All donations support the International Labor Rights Forum as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in accordance with IRS regulations.

Photo courtesy of UNITE HERE

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