Elephants never forget…

…the cruelty they’re subjected to just to entertain tourists.
The elephant riding industry must end. Take pride in no ride and speak out against this mistreatment »
Elephant rides are not fun, and they do not belong as part of anyone’s vacation activities.

Yet, in Northern India at Amer Fort, many tourists flock to buy elephant rides up steep hills in the blistering heat. But underneath the tourists’ enjoyment, these animals live a miserable and painful life.

The elephants have little access to food, water, and shade — their feet collect sores from the hot paths, and many suffer from blindness and various infections and diseases.

Pledge today to never partake in elephant rides in India or anywhere in the world.  

The majority of elephants in this cruel industry are illegal — abducted from their families in the wild, trafficked at a very young age, confined in spaces so small they can’t move, and forced to live the rest of their lives in misery. Once old enough to be “trained,” they endure beatings with bullhooks — abused until their spirits are broken and they obey.

This illegal industry thrives on tourists, and without them paying for these rides, elephants wouldn’t be subjected to this kind of cruelty. Speak out against elephant rides by taking action today!

Animal cruelty is not entertainment. Together, we will fight to end all forms of wild animal exploitation across the globe. Thank you for everything that you do for animals.


Kitty Block
Humane Society International

Photo by Anjari Jha/HSI India
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