Help free my son from Norway’s infamous Barnevernet

Norway seized this child. Help free Tyler!

3,417 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.

On July 23rd, 2013, Norway’s Child Protective Services („Barnevernet“) took 19-month-old Tyler from his mother Amy, an American citizen.

Amy was accused of still nursing Tyler. Doctors told Amy that 19-month-old Tyler should weigh 10 kg (~22lb) instead of 9.6 kg (~21 lb). According to growth charts, 9.6 kg is a completely normal weight for a boy Tyler’s age.

But Barnevernet thought they knew best, and they seized Tyler.

Originally, Amy was allowed to visit Tyler weekly. This was then reduced to bi-weekly visits, and eventually Amy was deprived of all visitation rights. Tyler’s name was even changed to a Norwegian name so that it would be more difficult for Amy to find him.

This is a clear case of government overreach. Amy’s parental rights have been severely infringed. Norway–a supposedly progressive country–has failed to recognize the basic human rights of parents and children in this case.

Norway’s Barnevernet must return Tyler to his family.

This is not the first time we’ve fought back against Barnevernet after they unjustly seized children. Earlier this year, we worked with our partners at the Home School Legal Defense Association to ensure that Kai Kristiansen was returned to his family after Barnevernet seized him when his parents decided to homeschool him. Thankfully, Kai was reunited with his family. We hope the same will soon be said about Tyler.

Please sign this petition to Norway’s newly elected Minister of Children and Equality, Linda Hofstad Helleland. She must look into Tyler’s case immediately and ensure that he is freed.

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