Tell Amazon: Stop Selling Unlabeled GMO Apples!


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Tell Amazon: Stop Selling Unlabeled GMO Apples!

Arctic Apple AdDear Friend,

Amazon is selling GMO apples, under the brand name Arctic ApBitz Dried Apple Snacks. According to the packaging and advertising, these apples are “wholesome, preservative-free, 100% apples.”

What mother wouldn’t want to feed these apples to her kids?

Probably the mother who finds out that these “wholesome, 100% apples” are 100% GMO.

Sign here to demand that Amazon not sell risky, unlabeled GMO apples.

Arctic ApBitz Dried Apple Snacks are made with GMO apples. But you’d never know it—because neither Amazon nor the snack maker use the words “GMO” or “genetically engineered” anywhere on the package, or in their advertising.

The first GMO apple—known as the “Arctic Apple ®”—was approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in February 2015. The apples are engineered using dsRNA (or RNAi) technology which, according to some scientists, is “untested and inherently risky.”

The USDA approved the apple on the basis that it “doesn’t pose any harm to other plants or pests.”

But what about humans? Here’s what the scientists we interviewed said:

“Given that the dsRNA from our food, and presumably the Frankenapple, will enter the bloodstream and cells of consumers, safety research should be done BEFORE this GMO apple is put on the grocery shelf to prove that the dsRNA that enters consumers‘ bodies will not harm them. To date, no such research has been reported, so the Frankenapple is flying in the dark.”

The Arctic Apple is engineered to resist browning once it’s been cut. That means consumers won’t know if the apple is fresh.

There are other problems with the Arctic Apple. For example, farmers growing them may have to increase their pesticide use—and conventional apples already have some of the highest levels of toxic pesticide residues of any fruit.

Consumers never asked for “non-browning” apples. And even if they had, why are these apples being used in dried apple snacks? Where browning isn’t even an issue? Maybe because the fresh version of the apples has been rejected by so many grocery chains?

Amazon is deceiving consumers by concealing GMO apples behind clever marketing claims, and promoting them as convenient snacks for kids—without disclosing the truth.

Click here and sign this petition to demand that Amazon get rid of unlabeled GMO apples.

Thank you!

Katherine, for the OCA team

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