„Yes the Pleiadian protection program can help to a certain degree.“


I ask the PLEIADIAN ALLIANCE to permanently insert me and (… list all the other persons you wish to insert) into the PROTECTION PROGRAM, NOW! Thank you!

One time you are inserted in the Protection Program, to call its shield in action, simply think the phrase:


„Activation of the Pleiadian Shield, NOW!“

Every time the shield protect you from an attack, its life span decrease, so if you are often under attack, you have to renew it often, if you are rarely under attack, you have to renew it rarely.

There isn’t a fixed rule to renew the Protection Shield, but we can give you some useful suggestions:

1)…renew it before going to sleep and immediately after wake-up

2)…renew it more often if you are in stressful environment or situation

3)…renew it every time you feel a bit discomforted

4)…many Energetic and Mental attacks (NOT the Electromagnetic ones) comes from unconscious open gates, and the shield cannot block them without your conscious cooperation, so if you feel to be under attack renew the shield but remember also to relax yourself and exit from the conflictual mental status that was trigger from the attacker (you can continuously call on the Protection Shield as a MANTRA), this will help the shield to works better.

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