My Name Is Peony, and Here’s My Story

Hi. My name is Peony, and I was born with a lifelong, painful disease that weakens my muscles while also making it extremely difficult for me to perform basic functions such as walking, swallowing, and even breathing!


I was bred to have this crippling disease so that humans could study my condition. Growing up in a lab was extremely lonely, and while I was locked away, I didn’t even have a blanket or bedding in my cage. Every so often, I would have an unpleasant visit from an experimenter who would cut out a piece of my body. The procedure is called a biopsy. 😢

In the 37 years since experimenters started breeding dogs with canine muscular dystrophy, no cure or treatment to reverse symptoms in humans has been found. I just don’t get why these experiments are allowed to go on when they yield no REAL results. 😠

I’m no longer in pain—because I was killed after I became progressively weaker from the disease.

But you can help other dogs by bringing awareness to the issue and exposing these barbaric and pointless experiments, which are still taking place here in the United States and in France.peta-owned

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