A June 8th, 2018 Message from Grandma Chandra

The Big Transition

Hello Soul Family!
The Big Transition is finally happening! Everyone on planet Earth is going through it. 
It is the integration of our physical bodies with the Higher Energies and Frequencies of the New Earth. Those who are at a Higher Vibrational Frequency in their own Personal Ascension will experience a faster and easier transition than those who are at the lower frequencies. 

Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing are:

– Feeling agitated, irritated or angry
– Having trouble sleeping or feeling tired when you awake even though you slept for 8+ hours
– Feeling exhausted
– Skin tingling, itching or even breaking out
– Having trouble focusing or concentrating
– Feeling like you are in multiple dimensions at the same time
– Feeling trapped or hopeless
– Negative emotions emerging
– Headaches, bodies aches
– Brain-fog, disorientation

Normally I don’t promote products in my messages, however my purpose in coming into physical form during this lifetime was to help awaken you for this critical time.   I would like to recommend a few tools to help you transition more comfortably.

Use my Ascension Assist App, all 3 modules at least 1x time daily or as you feel the need. The other tools and MP3s that will be the most beneficial are:

Teleseminars and their MP3s:

Heal & Balance with Your Subtle Bodies
Blossom and Grow with the New Earth
Co-create with the New Earth Reality

I urge you to use my help desk checkinwithgma@gmail.com if you would like me to read your Aura and advise you on the tools most beneficial for you. There is no charge for this service.
I love you All,
Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.
Hugs and Love to all of you,
 Gma and Cat 

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