UNPO Speak out! 2018

UNPO Speak Out 2018
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UNPO Speak Out 2018

Dear Supporter,

We are glad to announce the 2018 edition of UNPO’s SpeakOut! The event will take place in Brussels on 24-25 August 2018.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, SpeakOut! consists in a two-day programme of lectures and interactive workshops which brings together youth representatives from UNPO Members and other young human rights activists to give them essential tools and skills to be effective in incorporating human rights advocacy into their work. Using resources such as UNPO-designed study materials and case studies, participants will gain insights into a variety of issues such as the “DOs & DON’Ts” of effective human rights advocacy, United Nations tools and mechanisms and the use of communications and social media for impactful human rights campaigns. This year’s workshop will put a particular focus on advocacy toward European institutions.

All aspects of the event will be conducted in English. A participation fee of €75 is requested to cover organisational expenses and printing of training materials, lunches for the two-days and a tour of the European Parliament. Kindly note that UNPO is unable to arrange or fund travel and accommodation. We can recommend accommodation upon request.

The UNPO Secretariat strongly encourages you to share this opportunity with youth from your respective communities who could be interested. We look forward to working and exchanging with them on this occasion!


For all other inquiries please contact speakout2018@unpo.org

Our mailing address is:
Rue du Pépin 54
Brussels 1000

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