Tell airports to ditch glue traps …

Have you ever seen an animal suffering after being caught on a glue trap?

As they struggle to escape, patches of their skin and fur are torn off. Bleeding, exhausted, terrified, and immobile, they have no choice but to wait—in misery— to die.

Glue trap users are instructed by the manufacturer to throw trapped animals into the garbage. THE GARBAGE. They can be left to suffer for days, until they die of starvation, dehydration, or stress—or by being crushed under a pile of more garbage.

After PETA kindly explained why glue traps are cruel AF, 100 U.S. airports committed to banning them. But some have been unresponsive or have flat-out refused to prohibit them.

Inflicting agonizing and prolonged deaths on tiny, defenseless animals—is that really who you want be, airports? We have higher hopes for you.

Tell These Airports to Ban Glue Traps Today!

For all animals,

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