With the dawn of each new day …

Der Mensch - das faszinierende Wesen

Das folgende Poem ist Michael gewidmet:

With the dawn of each new day,
when the sun’s radiant rays fill the sky,
when night’s curtains are drawn tight,
when our spirits once again soar high,
when life is reawakened by brilliant light,
when new challenges await
for good deeds to be done,
let us willingly begin anew.
We live on a planet
where not every space is fresh, and bountiful,
not all lands are covered by green meadows,
fertile fields, or lush forests.
In many places the sun’s rays
fall on rugged, rocky, dry and barren ground.
Everywhere life exists or barely subsists.
We have to make the best
with what we were given,
with whatever we have found.
Let us be positive and purposeful.
Therefore, let us be,
each and every day, safe and sound
We know exactly what to do
to make life safe, secure,
and really worth living

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Ein Kommentar zu „With the dawn of each new day …

  1. Happiness is the highest goal of mind – and this is essence of the heart.
    When the mind swims in the ocean of the heart, is the happiness at home.
    You always have happiness in your heart.
    You always are the happiness.
    You only have that to remember.

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