Quick signature needed: Wildlife under threat

Dear s,

Tell Congress: Don’t allow any attacks on the Endangered Species Act!


A new bill was just introduced in Congress that would overhaul and dismantle the Endangered Species Act. This bill would be a disaster for bees, butterflies, birds, wolves and other valuable wildlife.

The Endangered Species Act is a bedrock environmental law that protects animals at risk of extinction and their habitat. Thanks to this law, many species have escaped extinction and are now on the path to recovery.

But all of this is at stake. The GOP wants to gut the Endangered Species Act and put many critical species at risk. We can’t let that happen.

Tell your member of Congress: Don’t gut the Endangered Species Act!

Republicans in Congress have been trying to weaken this law for a long time. For example, last month Republicans snuck a provision into the Farm Bill that would weaken protections from pesticides for endangered and threatened species like the rusty patched bee or monarch butterflies.

But this new bill is even worse. It’s meant to take away the role of scientists and wildlife experts tasked with making decisions to help protect threated and endangered species. Instead it would give this role to state governments, which the federal government has not funded with adequate resources to thoroughly protect critical species.

Tell Congress: Don’t allow any attacks on the Endangered Species Act!


From Big Ag to the fossil fuel industry, giant corporations are putting endangered species at risk. They’re dousing our fields in glyphosate, which is linked to the decline of monarch butterflies by 90% in the last 20 years. They’re trying to build the Keystone XL Pipeline through endangered whooping crane habitat. And they want to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, with potentially catastrophic impacts on wildlife.

So it’s no coincidence that this attack on endangered species was introduced by Rep. Barrasso — who received over $450,000 from the oil and gas industry and over $240,000 from the mining industry between 2011 and 2016. Now, he’s trying to pay back those contributors.

We need you to speak up and demand that your member of Congress protect wildlife, not the oil and gas industry.

Tell Congress: Our environment is more important than oil, gas and pesticide companies’ profits.


Standing with you,
Tiffany Finck-Haynes,
Senior food futures campaigner,
Friends of the Earth

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