Diamonds – A part of my story

Der Lehmofen

When you listen to music, most people just listen to the melody. Some of you (like me) also listen to the lyrics. Words, rhymes, sounds … probably meaning something.
But most of us, do not understand, what exactly the song or the artist wants to tell.

There will be no boring analysis because I am convinced those, who just listen to the music, understand way better.
It is a feeling and this feeling, in my opinion, is thousands of years old. I am writing about the history of this feeling in my other texts.

Right now I am driving to my friends in Germany, a short vacation, a short travel, a bright starry night full of conversation and mind sharing thoughts. Therefore I just parted from my beloved husband, brother and friends. Its been such a beautiful day, some kind of perfect day, we spent at the waterside, sharing…

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