Quick signature needed: Air pollution

Friends of The Earth

Dear s,

Tell the EPA and Dept. of Transportation: Don’t pollute our air by rolling back the clean car standards!


The Trump administration just announced its plan to gut our lifesaving clean car standards.

This means auto manufacturers will be free to produce cars that pour polluting emissions into our atmosphere. It’s bad for our health, bad for our environment, and will contribute to climate chaos.

The Department of Transportation and EPA are required to consider public input on this outrageous proposal. So we need you to speak up!

Tell the EPA and Department of Transportation: Don’t pollute our air by rolling back the clean car standards!


Air pollution from cars and trucks sickens our communities. It can cause asthma, heart disease, and even cancer. And young children are particularly vulnerable.

What’s more, these emissions contribute to climate chaos. Cars and trucks account for 60% of transportation pollution — the single largest source of carbon pollution in the U.S. Reducing those emissions is essential to preventing the worst impacts of climate change.

But instead of reducing this pollution, the Trump administration wants to allow it to increase — all to benefit the fossil fuel industry and giant auto manufacturers.

Tell the EPA and Transportation Department: Put our health and climate ahead of fossil fuel industry profits!


Since he came into office, Trump has had his sights on gutting the clean car standards. But that doesn’t mean this fight is over.

Friends of the Earth members like you have forced Trump to walk back other attacks on our environment and public health — from stripping protections for our National Monuments to approving the disastrous Pebble Mine in Alaska. Now, we need to stop this latest attack.

If Trump succeeds in gutting the clean car standards, we’ll all be forced to breathe more polluted air. So it’s critical that you speak up now — before it’s too late — to stop this attack on our climate and our communities.

Help send 50,000 comments: Stop Trump’s attack on our air and climate!

Standing with you,
Marcie Keever,
Legal director,
Friends of the Earth

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