Anchor Sheep River Falls Quartz Crystals Into the New Earth Teleseminar

Anchor Sheep River Falls Quartz Crystals Into the New Earth Teleseminar
Sunday August 12, 2018
3:00 – 4:30 PM PDT
Seminar Access and Download Link for those who
purchase the MP3 will be sent LATE
Saturday night August 11th, 2018.
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Hello Soul Family!

Please join my Golden Pod Mates, my Mom and me together with our Other Dimensional Masters, Angels, Teachers and Guides on Sunday August 12, 2018 from 
3 – 4:30 PM PDT for our Anchor Sheep River Falls Quartz Crystals Into the New Earth teleseminar.
Your Pineal Gland is composed of Quartz Crystals. These crystals are like a computer chip. They hold the memory of everything that has happened to you during this lifetime. The center of the Earth also contains Quartz Crystals that hold the Collective Consciousness of Mother Earth. 

When you die, the Quartz Crystals from your Pineal Gland becomes part the Quartz Crystals within Gaia’s core. The memory of every single person who has transitioned from the Planet is held within the Crystals at Gaia’s Core hence the name Collective Consciousness.

Before life of any kind existed on Planet Earth, beings from another galaxy time-traveled to Earth and imprinted their negative energy in the Quantum Light Field to exert their control. The negative imprint has created a hierarchical structure within our society that is based on control, greed, power and manipulation. 

During this teleseminar, we will anchor the Quartz Crystals that are located deep within the base of the portal that I just opened at Sheep Rock Falls in Calgary Alberta Canada, into the center of the New Earth. These Crystals have been cleansed and purified and are vibrating at the 33rd dimensional frequency. 

MASTER NUMBERS: for this teleseminar are 11, 22 and 88. Click here to read about the master numbers.

ASTROLOGY: One of the aspects of Sun in Leo, July 22nd – August 23rd is the push to look ahead and be eager for change. The more hungry you are for positive change, the faster it will come to you. Throw off old negativity, patterns and thoughts and embrace change.


SACRED GEOMETRY: Hexahedron – the matrix of Light in the body of form, embedded in the principle of Earth as a nesting of the human experience within the spiritual/physical universe. It inserts Spirit into form in perfect equilibrium. The Central Core of the Cube is the „Light Zone“ where all forces of the complete geometric unite and become a living flame of the Greater Universe. It is this core that connects the „Foundation“ on earth to the „Foundation“ in heaven.

VEHICLE: Hexahedron

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL is the guardian of Healing. Raphael hosts and oversees these enhanced, harmonized Green Energies discussed above and invites you to bathe in and embody this Green Healing radiance with your every Intention, Breath and Movement in your life.

Archangel Raphael

COLORS: Green is the 4th chakra that represents love from the heart’s center.  White is the 8th chakra and signifies purity.

The properties of Quartz are readily attracted to the Highest Purity to which they are exposed. It is in this „induction“ process that the Crystalline Purity at the base of Sheep River Falls can now attract Gaia’s Core Crystals into that Higher Purity with Enhanced Alignment.

This Higher Purity within the Quartz of Gaia’s Core’s Crystals will expand the Core Toroidal Energetic Field. This will radiate a stronger harmonized and stabilized protective Earth environment and atmosphere for all Living Conscious Beings with a focus on Healing. 

Once you Anchor these Crystals, they will become the Collective Consciousness for the New Earth. The cord of the Old Earth will simultaneously be cut, releasing Old Earth’s memories from our Old Collective Consciousness. 

This will set the stage for the New Earth, built on the Energies of Community, Cooperation, Love, Abundance, Peace and Harmony.
By participating in this teleseminar you genuinely are being of service to all of Gaia, humanity and the Ascension Process at this time.  It takes a collective group of Light Workers to generate the energy to accomplish this mission.

TOOL: Video „The Lemurian Activation Code“
By watching this video, you can Activate up to 48 of your DNA strands. This will result in Youthing by accelerating the Human Stem Cells and your Mitochondria. This Energetic video will also awaken Past Life Memory, allowing you to Ascend while by-passing the death process.
Click here to register for the teleseminar and purchase the video.

After registering the phone number and the code to attend will be sent to you late Saturday August 11th.  If you do not make payment before Saturday August 11th at midnight you will not be able to be on the call.   
Can’t be on the call?  Register and you will receive the recording 2-3 days after the teleseminar.  Remember since Grandma is a Multi-dimensional Being you will have the same experience from the recording as the live call.  Hope to see all of you there.  
 &… if this resonates with you
please invite your friends and family.

   THANK YOU! From my Heart to Yours!
Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.

Hugs and Love to all of you,
 Gma and Cat                                       Please friend me on Facebook!
*ATTENTION: The USA is now on Daylight Savings Time. Arizona is THE SAME TIME AS California Pacific Time, TWO HOURS AHEAD of Hawaii, TWO HOUR BEHIND Central Time and THREE HOURS BEHIND Eastern Time.  

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