Behind every tiger selfie is a lifetime of suffering.

World Animal Protection

You are helping to protect animals everywhere: in the wild, after disasters, on farms, and in our communities. Thank you. Together, our successes mean help, protection and sanctuary for vulnerable animals around the world.
Pioneering elephant-friendly tourism in Thailand

Pioneering elephant-friendly tourism in Thailand
  • With your support, Happy Elephant Care Valley, in Chiang Mai, Thailand is about to transition to a truly elephant-friendly venue

Watch the video to see how you’re helping elephants in Thailand

World Animal Protection is funding the world-leading study to scope the animal welfare

© Rachel Ceretto
Funding an investigation into the possibility of a sea sanctuary for captive dolphins
  • We’ve joined forces with Action for Dolphins to explore the possibility of a sea sanctuary for the five captive dolphins at Coffs Harbour. We want these dolphins to be the last generation of captive dolphins in New South Wales.

Learn more about how you’re helping end the use of dolphins in entertainment

Watch the “Bear Teacher” commercial now

Bad “medicine” must end for good
  • We partnered with Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) to produce a compelling two-minute commercial to raise awareness around the cruelty of bear bile farming, thanks to you.

Watch the “Bear Teacher” commercial now

Sign up for the Meat Free Week today

We’ve joined forces with Bowel Council for Meat Free Week
  • Meat Free Week challenges participants to give up meat for seven days and raise funds for animals in need. It’s also an opportunity for people to think about how much meat they eat and the impact eating too much meat can have. Are you up for the challenge?

Sign up for the Meat Free Week today

Thank you. Together, we’re moving the world to protect animals.


Simone Clarke
Executive Director ANZ
World Animal Protection

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