raccoon dog kinned alive …

PETA Asia is telling Chinese retailer Meters/bonwe to drop fur.

Its jackets contain raccoon dog fur sourced from China, where eyewitnesses have documented almost unimaginable suffering on fur farms. Animals on these farms are perpetually locked in filthy cages until they’re bludgeoned, anally electrocuted, or gassed to death—or even skinned alive.

One eyewitness recorded a raccoon dog—the species killed for Meters/bonwe’s coats—who had been skinned alive muster the strength to lift his raw, bloody head and look at the camera.

Animals‘ fur coats are not ours to take and wear. Skin, hair, fur, feathers, and wool belong exclusively to the animals they grow on!

Tell Meters/bonwe to Stop Taking and Selling Animals‘ Skin

For all animals,

Raccoon Dogs Denied the Right to Keep Their Own Skins


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