it’s a thin line between life and death

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A Hawaiian monk seal | World Animal Protection

*A Hawaiian monk seal is caught in abandoned fishing tackle in the Pacific Ocean.
Dear Sylvia,

On a lonely, windswept beach in the isolated Shetland Islands north of Scotland, a young seal lies washed up on the sand. Exhausted and suffering.

She has fishing netting wrapped so tightly around her neck that the wound is practically down to the bone – leaving a cut three inches deep. It’s a death sentence for an innocent sea animal. 

 I’m sure you’d agree, we need to move fast so we can get to these injured animals in time and save as many as possible. Before it’s too late.

Find out how you can help today.

Sadly, every minute, another tonne of lost, abandoned, and discarded fishing gear – known as “ghost gear” – enters our oceans, killing more than 130,000 seals, whales, and dolphins each year.Young seals, like the one found in the Shetland Islands, often accidentally put their heads through loops which then become firmly fixed around their necks. The thin diameter of the plastic line can cut through skin, arteries, muscle, and sometimes even bone, as the animal grows. It’s the cruellest of deaths.

… sea animals such as this entangled seal can’t hold on forever. Every day is a painful struggle just to breathe, to feed, to move, and to survive. We must all act right now, so they can be spared this horrendous torture and slow death.

Your compassionate gift today could help continue our campaign to prevent the needless suffering of sea animals, such as this young seal, due to ghost fishing gear; and protect vulnerable animals around the world.

If we act together, today, we can make a real difference for marine wildlife around the world.

Thank you for all you do for animals.


Ingrid Giskes
Global Head of Campaigns – Sea Change
Chair, Global Ghost Gear Initiative
World Animal Protection

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Together we can
End the needless suffering of animals
Influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda
Help the world see how important animals are to all of us
Inspire people to change animals‘ lives for the better
Move the world to protect animals.
World Animal Protection

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