Bears Muzzled and Yanked by Leashes

Castle’s Bears dresses bears in ridiculous costumes, muzzles them, yanks them around on leashes, and forces them to perform demeaning stunts, like riding bicycles, doing handstands, and balancing on balls.

 You’ve never seen a bear do any of that in the wild, and that’s because wild animals exploited for circus acts are typically confined and deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them and often managed through punishment in order to make them perform.

 Eyewitness video footage from last year shows a muzzled bear urinating on herself in apparent distress when she was tugged by a leash and forced to walk across a balance beam on only her front paws💔

An expert who observed the show reported that the bears are managed through „fear, coercion, and punishment,“ weren’t provided with proper care, and suffer from ongoing physical and psychological trauma.

 We want so badly for these bears to experience what it feels like to be bears—free from chains, muzzles, leashes, costumes, balance beams, audiences, bicycles, cages, transport trucks, and all the suffering inherent in exploitative circus acts.


Tell Castle’s Bears to stop forcing bears to do stupid tricks and to retire them to reputable sanctuaries, where they’d be free to roam, swim, and forage.

Take Action Now!


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