CVS receipts aren’t getting any shorter

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Dear Green American,

If you’ve been to a CVS store, you likely got a receipt long enough to measure with a yard stick. The pharmacy giant is known for its lengthy receipts, which consume over 35,000 trees and the energy equivalent of 84,800 refrigerators every year.

CVS’ receipt production emits 44 million pounds of CO2 and produces the same amount of solid waste generated by half a million people every day.

So we made a new video to spread the word about the impacts of CVS‘ receipts.

Please watch and share our video so that more people can take action for less wasteful and less toxic receipts!

CVS video

Alarmingly, CVS receipts have tested positive for Bisphenol-S (BPS), an endocrine-disrupting chemical similar to BPA with health risks that transfer onto our hands. The phenol coating also makes them unfit for recycling, creating even more waste.

While CVS started its digital receipt program in 2016, thanks to customer demand. it has failed to make it accessible to all customers.

Green America’s Skip the Slip campaign is calling on CVS to replace its current thermal paper with a recyclable, phenol-free option and expand its digital program for all customers. This way, it can serve all customer needs while reducing environmental impacts and ending employee and customer exposure to harmful toxins.

Please watch and then share our video to expose the true waste and toxicity of these everyday receipts!

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Thank you for telling your friends and family to skip the slip!
Anna Meyersbeth(signature)
Beth Porter
Climate & Recycling Director
Green America
P.S. Your support means we can do even more to reverse climate change and protect the future for people and the planet. Please contribute today.

Green America

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