Tell Kroger: Get cancer-causing pesticides out of kids’ food



Call Kroger: Demand it get cancer-causing pesticides out of kids’ food.

Children should be eating healthy food — not cereal and granola bars laced with cancer-causing chemicals.

But recent tests have found large doses of Monsanto’s cancer-causing chemicals like Roundup® in kids’ food. This can cause immediate and long-term harm to our children’s health. These pesticides are toxic and don’t belong in our food.

Kroger could help shift us away from this toxic food system. It could commit to stop selling food grown with these pesticides. So today, in honor of National Child Health Day, we need your help to push the supermarket giant to act!

Call Kroger’s company leadership to demand the company stop selling kids‘ food with cancer-causing pesticides!

Pesticides like glyphosate and chlorpyrifos are harmful for children’s health.

Right now, over 8,700 people with cancer are suing Monsanto. They allege that their exposure to Roundup® is to blame for their illnesses. One case has gone to trial and Monsanto was ordered to pay $289 million in damages, but Monsanto is trying to overturn the decision.

Chlorpryifos, Dow’s nerve poison pesticide, is linked to loss of working memory, attention deficit disorders and delayed motor development. Early life exposure can lower children’s IQ and structurally change parts of their brain. It’s so dangerous that the EPA determined it should be banned — but the Trump administration reversed that decision.

Healthy kids and safe communities depend on a food system that isn’t poisoning us. Kroger could stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution. But we need your help to urge it to act.

Call Kroger: Demand it get cancer-causing pesticides out of kids’ food.

This summer, Kroger committed to phase out the use of bee-killing pesticides on the garden plants that it sells. This is a good first step and shows that the company will listen when people like you speak up. But it doesn’t address a huge part of the problem — agricultural use of pesticides that are toxic to human health and our environment.

We know Kroger can go even further with its policy. Costco just updated its policy to encourage suppliers of fruits, vegetables and garden plants to stop using these toxic pesticides. Kroger could follow suit — and be even more of a leader on this issue.

It’s time for Kroger to step up and protect children’s health! The country’s largest conventional grocer shouldn’t be selling products that contain cancer-causing chemicals. The company needs to hear directly from you.

Call Kroger NOW: Demand that it stop selling kids‘ food with cancer-causing chemicals!

Standing with you,
Tiffany Finck-Haynes,
Pollinator and pesticides program manager,

Friends of the Earth

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