#FreeChendra from the Oregon Zoo


Chendra is the only Borneo pygmy elephant living at the Oregon Zoo, and is in fact the only one of her species in the US. She is blind in one eye and at times is shunned by the other elephants. Her life is confined to a three acre sand lot and a barn, and it is not a good one.

Veterinarians have noted evidence that the zoo has used a bullhook on Chendra multiple times. And the zoo even tried to breed her with Tusko, who is an entirely different species of elephant. Traumatized, depressed, and bored, Chendra now spends her days just walking around in circles.

Animal welfare advocates have been trying for years to get Chendra released to a sanctuary. Over 260,000 people have even signed a Care2 petition  supporting their efforts. But the Oregon Zoo is refusing to give up one of their best attractions.

As part of its October campaign to #KeepElephantsWild, Care2 is raising funds to put up a billboard in Portland, OR demanding that the zoo #FreeChendra.

There are only 1,500 pygmy elephants left in the wild, and just a handful left in captivity. The billboard will help put added public pressure on the zoo to save Chendra from spending the rest of her life tortured behind bars.

Any additional funds raised will go towards supporting the #FreeChendra campaign in other way33301004_1538070433197156_r.jpeg


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