Forgotten victims of Sulawesi need you

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World Animal Protection

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Last Friday, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Sulawesi, Indonesia, triggering a tsunami that devastated everything in its path.

Take the time and imagine being an animal during an earthquake and tsunami. As the days pass, you struggle to find food, clean water and shelter.

Sadly, many animals are left stranded, struggling to find ways to survive without your help.

As you read this email, our Disaster Response Team is assessing the situation in Palu City and making plans to support these vulnerable animals. Only through your support can they provide food, clean water and vet care.

A gift of $30 could buy emergency feed to keep more than 30 animals healthy, while a gift of $60 could provide life-saving veterinary medicines for more than 200 animals.

We never know when a disaster will strike. But our dedicated teams are ready to go at a moment’s notice and will work around the clock in a disaster zone. They just need the funds to make this possible.

Your support could help save the lives of countless suffering animals. Please donate today to help save the lives of animals affected by disasters around the world.

World Animal Protection
Thank you for your kindness. Together we’re moving the world to protect animals in need.


Simone Clarke
Executive Director ANZ
World Animal Protection

Together we can
End the needless suffering of animals
Influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda
Help the world see how important animals are to all of us
Inspire people to change animals‘ lives for the better
Move the world to protect animals.

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