LIVE: Is it ever okay to go to the zoo or ride an elephant?

Facebook Live Event to Stop Abuse of Captive Elephants
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As an Elephant Warrior, you get the chance to hear about special breaking news and actions you can take to keep elephants wild — like this one! I’m so excited to share our next special event with you: a live discussion on Facebook with three activists who are leading the charge to save Billy and Chendra the elephants and stop abusive elephant rides! Click here to join in now.

Our special guests hear the question over and over again: „Is it ever okay to go to the zoo or ride an elephant?“ If you’ve ever wondered about that yourself — or need ideas for how to talk to people about this — you’ll want to tune into this broadcast. Experts from World Animal Protection, Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles, and Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants will give you the inside scoop on how you can save elephants that are exploited or languishing away, lonely in captivity.

This exclusive conversation is happening right now! Click this link to join before it’s over. We know Chendra, Billy, and all the other elephants in captivity will thank you for tuning in.

Thank you for being an Elephant Warrior,

Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Have you ever wished you could talk to on-the-ground activists who are leading the fight to save elephants like Billy and Chendra from lives of abuse and exploitation? Then click this link to join our Facebook Live broadcast — which is happening right now!

Watch the Facebook Livestream >

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