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Dear Sylvia,

It’s time to blow the whistle on the deadly dolphin deceptions coming out of Japan, Washington, DC, SeaWorld, and other places!

The government of Japan insists that its whale killing is “scientific” and “sustainable, while falsely claiming that whale and dolphin populations are not depleted. The Trump Administration denies that greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels are causing runaway global warming, while promoting expanded offshore oil drilling as “safe” for marine life.

SeaWorld would have you believe that dolphins and orcas are “thriving” in concrete tanks, when in fact they are stressed, bored and dying premature deaths. Even the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which claims to reward only sustainably-caught fish products with its eco-safe label, is now granting it to the Mexican dolphin-deadly tuna companies claiming that Mexican purse seiners now use new, safer fishing techniques.  What a series of blatant lies.
Almost a decade ago we blew open Japan’s cruel cover-up of the annual slaughter of dolphins in Taiji with the Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove, featuring our efforts in Japan. The Japanese government hates the public spotlight we’ve shined on the Cove. We’re continuing to press for this massacre to stop and for Japanese officials to tell the public the truth – that the dolphin meat being sold as food contains toxic levels of mercury. Dec eblast Taiji Cove photo.jpg

Just last month another 6-months-long cruel slaughter of dolphins resumed, and new dolphin species were added to the slaughter. Killing dolphins for human consumption has dropped since our efforts documenting the poisonous dolphin meat. But Taiji hunters are ramping up the capture of live dolphins for sale to dolphin shows and aquariums in Japan, China, Russia, and the Middle East.

Your donation of $35, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford will help us fight back.

We’re playing a key role in Anderson v. SeaWorld, the lawsuit to stop SeaWorld’s false advertising and false claims. SeaWorld claims that they don’t separate mother orca whales from their young calves, but the facts shown in court prove that they do.
Orca SeaWorld photo.jpegSeaWorld’s entire business is built on the deception that orca whales and dolphins in captivity are “happy” and “thriving”. The documentary, Blackfish, helped pierce that veil, and we’re helping take SeaWorld to court for its fraud and deception. We won’t stop until their lies end, and orcas and dolphins are retired to seaside sanctuaries rather than living miserable lives in concrete tanks doing circus tricks.

Recently, the Trump Administration opened an all-out war against wildlife, including endangered whales and dolphins. Trump’s Interior Department proposes leasing 90% of the US coast to offshore oil drilling, which means more oil spills, blowouts, toxic chemicals and noise pollution damaging to whales and dolphins. With your support, we’re holding the Trump Administration accountable:
• We’re preparing to file suit against the Administration should Trump follow through with his plan to revoke the protections of Marine National Monuments such as the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. The Trump administration is threatening to open it all up to commercial fishing, shark killing, and fishing practices that entangle dolphins.

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The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), masquerading as a non-profit sustainability organization, has now turned its back on dolphin lives and granted their blue eco-label to Mexico’s tuna fishermen, who intentionally chase, net and kill dolphins in order to catch tuna in violation of dolphin safe regulations.
We first exposed the horrors of the Mexican fishery decades ago by using undercover video showing how dolphins die in tuna nets. It’s now illegal in the US for tuna caught by these methods to use a Dolphin Safe label. We will not allow this phony MSC label to reward fishing techniques that have resulted in the largest scale killing of dolphins in history.
We need your help. If you find any canned tuna with an MSC logo, check to see if is a product of Mexico. If it is, immediately contact us (email so we can block its sale.

Thanks so much for all you can do to help dolphins live in peace.

Donate Now!

A monthly donation of $10 or more is a great way to take action, and you will be eligible to receive a special campaign gift. 

Thanks for caring. Please give as generously as you can.


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David Phillips, Director
International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute

P.S. Donate $35 or more and receive a beautiful handcrafted enamel dolphin zipper pull designed by Alaskan artist, Wm. Spear.

P.P.S. Donate $50, or become a Monthly Sustaining Donor, and receive an organic cotton Save Japan Dolphins campaign t-shirt. All shipping free.

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The International Marine Mammal Project is a project of the non-profit organization Earth Island Institute network. EII receives the high marks from Charity Navigator, demonstrating that we are worthy of your trust. 

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