BREAKING: Lambs‘ Flesh and Tails Cut, Burned Off for Wool

In the past four years, PETA and its international affiliates have exposed cruelty to sheep used for wool on dozens of farms on four continents. After all that, you might think that wool industry workers would be on their best behavior and try not to hurt sheep quite so badly. But you would be wrong.

Earlier this year, an eyewitness worked on a sheep farm in Victoria, Australia, the world’s top wool exporter, and found the farm manager and workers mutilating terrified lambs in assembly line fashion—showing, yet again, that there’s no such thing as humanely produced wool.

A worker put tight rings around lambs‘ scrotums—which is extremely painful—without anesthetics so that their testicles would shrivel up and fall off weeks later.

Also without anesthetics, workers punched holes in lambs‘ ears and cut and burned off their tails with a hot knife, causing them to writhe in agony as flames shot up from their flesh.

And chunks of the lambs‘ flesh were also cut off, with shears, in a crude attempt, known as „mulesing,“ to address problems caused by breeding them to produce excessive amounts of wool. The animals cried out in agony and fear.

The manager slashed the throats of fully conscious sheep with a knife and then broke their necks. One sheep kicked for nearly a minute after the manager began cutting her throat.

Later, an eyewitness worked for a sheep-shearing contractor in New South Wales, Australia, and found that workers struck the gentle, frightened sheep in the face with sharp metal clippers.

Are you still wearing wool? Please, give lambs something to be thankful for: Ditch wool today.

Join us today in urging Forever 21 to drop wool in favor of animal-friendly materials.

Take Action for Sheep


Jason Baker
Senior Vice President of International Campaigns

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