Whales around Japan need YOU

Whales around Japan need your help

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Whales around Japan urgently need your help  

The Japanese government plans to start killing whales in Japanese waters this summer. We need to ramp up our efforts to stop them but we can’t do it without you.


Why do we need your help?

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve stood firm against whaling for 30 years and defeated all Japan’s efforts to overturn the commercial whaling ban. Now the Japanese government has shown its utter disregard for international opinion and conservation efforts and announced its shocking decision to leave the International Whaling Commission (the body that regulates whaling) and resume full-blown commercial whale hunts.

Japanese hunters will kill sei, Bryde’s and minke whales in the same way that they kill around 3,000 dolphins and ‘small’ whales every year – in unregulated hunts with no accountability.  We can’t stand by and let that happen.

I need supporters like you to speak up for whales and protest but sadly, that’s not enough. The Japanese government has already shown that it doesn’t listen.

I must now put more of our resources into scrutinizing Japan’s actions – like a game of chess, I’ll monitor and try to counter their every move. But this will take precious time and resources. So I’m asking for your help – will you give a donation?

How will we use your money?

We will:

  1. work with lawyers to scrutinize the legality of Japan’s decision and evaluate the possibility for legal steps against it.
  2. intensify our relationships with Japanese activist organisations. Change will need to come from within Japan and so our work with our colleagues there is crucial.
  3. work closely with partner charities all over the world and also with government departments to leverage diplomatic pressure. The UK and other governments have issued strong statements condemning Japan’s move and we will work with them to follow this up with action.

There is no need or demand for a commercial whaling industry in the 21st Century! This is purely a political decision. Whaling is horrifically cruel and we must not let commercial whaling decimate whale populations again.

Thank you so much for your support, it really is appreciated.

Astrid Fuchs, WDC stop whaling lead



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