Urgent: Help seals before the slaughter begins!

Urgent: Help seals before the slaughter begins!


Dear One,

Take action for seals!

In a matter of weeks, Canada’s annual seal slaughter will begin.

Many of the seals killed won’t have eaten their first solid meal or learned how to swim—yet they’ll be shot or viciously clubbed as their mothers watch in despair.

Will you please help seals before the massacre begins by signing our petition urging the Canadian prime minister to end the slaughter?

PETA, our international affiliates, and compassionate people like you have helped promote seal-fur bans around the world and successfully squashed the Canadian government’s attempts to create a market in China for seal „products.“ But even though most Canadians oppose the annual slaughter, their tax dollars are the only thing propping up this violent industry.

We must keep the pressure on the Canadian government to end the slaughter, and we need caring people like you with us to do so.

Thank you for acting today to protect seals and other animals in need.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. You can do even more to help seals by making a gift that supports PETA’s work for seals and other animals.

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