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Last chance to help save New Zealand dolphins, plus all your whale and dolphin news.

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

New Zealand dolphins leaping

It’s your last chance to show your support for New Zealand dolphins …

The smallest dolphins in the world are in big trouble – they need your help. We can save them if the New Zealand government bans certain fishing nets from the areas where the dolphins live. Our petition will close soon so please sign and share it if you haven’t already

When you go to our petition, you may notice something’s different – I’m very pleased *drum roll* to let you know that we have launched a new website. We hope we have made it much easier to find everything you ever wanted to know about whales, dolphins and porpoises and how your support is helping us keep them safe and free.

We’d love to know what you think of the new site. All comments – positive, negative or anywhere in-between – will be very gratefully received and will help us make your website the best experience that we can for you.

Go in and have a look around and then tell us what you think.

As always, thank you for being with us – without our supporters, we wouldn’t be here to fight for the whales and dolphins we all love.

Julia Pix, WDC.



A New Zealand dolphin leaps

Last chance to save me!

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition to save the New Zealand dolphin from extinction. Petition closes at the end of March and we need more people to show their support – thank you!


Mark Brazier shows his support

Signed? Now share!

Please encourage everyone you know to sign our petition to save New Zealand dolphins. Hit the button below to find everything you need to show your support on social and get your friends involved too.


Two NZ dolphins leaping

As common as seagulls

How many New Zealand dolphins should there be? The conservation standard to aim for is not 20 years ago, when there were a few more dolphins around, it’s before our living memory when they were as common as seagulls.


A New Zealand dolphin trapped in a net

Why are dolphins dying?

You may have read stories recently about a spate of dolphin deaths in nets in New Zealand. Our campaigner in New Zealand, Gemma McGrath, gives you an impassioned insight into what’s going on.


A bottlenose dolphin's face

Action for UK dolphins

EU law recognises whales, dolphins and other animals as sentient beings, aware of their feelings and emotions. Ensure UK whales and dolphins keep this legal protection after Brexit. Join WDC, Alesha Dixon and others and sign the petition to keep welfare high on the political agenda.


a haul of fish

Is MSC fish dolphin-safe?

If you buy fish with an MSC stamp of approval, can you be sure no dolphins or porpoises died to bring it to your plate? The short answer is ’no‘, unless it is caught with pole and line.


BIG Splash Swim 2019

Make a BIG Splash for whales and dolphins!

It doesn’t matter how far or fast you can swim, anyone can take on a Dolphin, Whale or Pod Challenge in the 2019 Big Splash Swim.

Follow the link below for more details or contact events@whales.org.


An orca

Join Team Orca for Swim Serpentine

If you love open-water swimming – or want to try it for the first time – then Swim Serpentine is for you! Team Orca has 10 places – choose from Âœ mile, one mile or, if you are an experienced swimmer, the two-mile-swim. For more details, contact events@whales.org.



You can help save the New Zealand Dolphin. Please consider making a donation today.


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