The Consequences of Corruption

Der Mensch - das faszinierende Wesen

Ah, yes, the REALLY CORRUPT are „warning?“…
while being the actual and real
while being totally immersed in waters of wickedness,
being damnably devious, dishonest, and dishonorable,
the cause of deliberate deprivation, divisiveness, degradation and suffering…

The Example of Corruption in Kenya

These arrogant schemers and skimmers,
these methodically malevolent, marauding scammers
are personally profiting by defrauding the people…
They are thugs and thieves…. 
They are the callous, the clueless, the classless,
They are the mucking immoral, the mindless, the totally uncaring…
They rule by threat, by intimidation, by force, by fear, by fraud,
expecting full well that they will never be stopped, never be uncovered,
never be found out, never be caught….
However, the world is witnessing their crimes,
their thuggery and thievery, their smashing and grabbing…
while babbling b.s. in petty, pitiful partisan ways… 
and carting off ill-gotten gains,
in their usual, totally devious and despicably…

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