(Warning: graphic content) The air reeks of seals‘ blood and death …

The air reeks of seals' blood and death …

Help shut down the gruesome Canadian seal slaughter!

Right now, on ice floes off Canada’s Atlantic coast, a true horror is unfolding.

The air must reek of blood and death, as the skinned carcasses of young harp seals are strewn across the ice. For days, commercial sealers wielding guns and spiked clubs have been massacring terrified seal pups—all for a grisly trade that should have died out long ago. We need your help to stop these indefensible kinds of animal slaughter.

Will you donate today and help us end such cruelty?

Please help seals!

Thanks to nonstop campaigning by PETA and our international affiliates over the years—creating a global outcry against the annual slaughter—and the actions of tens of thousands of caring supporters standing with us,

the cruel sealing industry is on the wane. But rather than ending the violent slaughter, the Canadian government is now considering a plan that would expand the killing to Canada’s west coast, a move that would put thousands more young seals in danger—a cruel absurdity, considering we have killed the market for seal „products“ and now no one wants them. This plan must not go ahead.

Together, we’re achieving huge victories against the global skins trade, preventing thousands upon thousands of beautiful animals from being abused and violently killed—but many seals are still at risk. Some are dying right now.

Please make a donation to boost PETA’s campaigns to help seals and other sensitive animals before it’s too late.

End the Slaughter

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk


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