Connect to the Sperm Whales‘ Frequency of Love Teleseminar — GRANDMA CHANDRA

Connect to the Sperm Whales‘ Frequency of Love Teleseminar

Sunday May 19th, 2019

3:00 – 4:30 PM  PDT

The access information and video for those who purchase will be sent LATE  
Saturday night May 18th.
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Hello Soul Family!

Please join my Golden Pod Mates, Mom and me together with our other dimensional Masters, Angels, Teachers and Guides this Sunday May 19th, 2019 from 3 – 4:30 PM PDT time for our Connect to the Sperm Whales‘ Frequency of Love teleseminar.
Having passed thru the 999 gateway/dimension and the dimensions are infinite, it is Time to connect to the Frequency of LOVE. The Sperm Whales hold the Frequency of Love here on Gaia. They dive deeper than any other whales. This Frequency is what sustains Gaia spreading across the oceans, embracing all life on Gaia with this powerful Frequency of Love. 
Whales are the Keepers of the Akashic Records, they are nurturers, go getters and are in touch with true reality. Whales ask you to look at your own emotions to see what you are creating in your life and make any necessary changes. Whales will help you to bridge gaps in communication with friends and family. Whales communicate with each other over thousands of miles of ocean. Speak your Inner Truth using emotion, vulnerability and power and you will be understood and accepted.
Due to the Veil, you have chosen to be disconnected from this Frequency of Love. Now that the Veil has been removed you are waking up and sensing this Love with a feeling that there is something better.
MASTER NUMBER: for this teleseminar is 11 & 99. Click here to read more about the Master Numbers.
ASTROLOGY: Sun in Taurus is about love relationships by pointing out that you have to live your own life not someone else’s. Avoid anything and anyone that doesn’t resonate with your own Path. Set yourself free from stagnation. Use Taurus energy to FEEL whatever and whoever is right for you.


SACRED GEOMETRIC FORM: Dodecahedron is the Planetary embodiment of the sacred Aether the Etheric Presence which supersedes all formation on the matter plane, creating an intelligent blueprint beyond space, and time. Through the symmetric fields of the dodecahedron, angelic harmonics are spiraled down from the stellar kingdoms into the earth’s heart, and sent upward again to re-connect with the „Living Lights“ of the star-worlds, seeding the very Spirit of the Planet.

VEHICLE: Dodecahedron


ANGEL: Angel of the New Chakras

COLORS: Dark Blue represents the 6th Chakra, the ability to see ALL, Telepathy, and Intuition. White is the 8th Chakra representing Purity.

How do you connect to the Frequency of Love? By connecting to your hearts as individuals first and then connecting to others. That is your connection to All There Is, through your hearts. Holding that High Frequency of LOVE, you radiate it out to all beings and the power of it keeps expanding. You need to feel everything from your hearts as to what needs to be done, no longer using your minds. Switching to this new way of being, you have to consciously choose every moment what you think and speak. As this happens, harmony is created and you will each find your roles within the Whole.

So many of you humans truly do not know what unconditional LOVE is. You have never experienced that feeling. It is more than just saying words. You need to embody it and feel that state of Peace, Calmness, Joy and that All is in perfect order. The only love stronger than the Sperm Whale Frequency is Divine Love.

The LOVE that you will feel is so powerful it will knock your socks off! It will feel foreign at first. Let it flow through you and feel that connection to One and All. This is when telepathy will become more common. You need to have clear thoughts and a pure heart to connect with others. You will be smiling all the time as it feels so wonderful. This is what we have been working towards in this lifetime. It is just around the corner. So, start imagining it in the NOW. It is already here for you who are ready. Ask to be shown what it is. Enjoy every moment of every day and share it with all who cross your path.

During this teleseminar you will work with the Sperm Whales who are the Guardians of the Heart Frequencies for Mother Earth. They will take you deep into the core of Mother Earth where you will bath in these Frequencies and attune your Higher Heart chakra to the deep Frequencies of Love that are now available to use through your New 999 Chakra systems. These Frequencies will bring in a new level of Love and Compassion for your fellow human beings that has never been experienced on this Planet. They will also fuel the New Earth Energies of Service to Humanity and open the door to new possibilities.

Come out of Your Head and come Into Your Heart as we open to a new way of being, a new way of seeing and a new way of living in community where Compassion, Love, Acceptance and Cooperation are the values that are embraced .

Change Your Mind! Set your intention, declaring the power of your own inner guidance to manifest your connection to the Frequency of Love. Remember, the only love stronger than the Sperm Whale Frequency is Divine Love.
TOOLS: Video „Bubbles of Love“

This video contains Codes and Frequencies from the depths of the ocean. This is where the Heart Beat of Mother Earth resides. These Codes and Frequencies will help to open your Heart Chakra so you can live your life from a place of Peace, Love and Unity.

A refreshing, cleansing flow of bubbles of joy, unconditional love and wisdom. „Bubbles of Love“ is the ultimate bubble bath, a place where you can virtually bath in etheric bubbles of dolphin essence anytime.  It is a gift from the Sperm Whales.

Click here to register for the teleseminar and purchase the video.

After registering the access information will be sent to you late Saturday May 18th.  If you do not make payment before Saturday May 18th at midnight you will not be able to be on the call.   
Can’t be on the call?  Register and you will receive the recording 2-3 days after the teleseminar.  Remember since Grandma is a Multi-dimensional Being you will have the same experience from the recording as the live call.  Hope to see all of you there.  
 &… if this resonates with you
please invite your friends and family.

   THANK YOU! From my Heart to Yours!
Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.

Hugs and Love to all of you,
 Gma and Cat                                                      Friend Me On Facebook!
*ATTENTION: The USA is now on Daylight Savings Time. Arizona is the SAME TIME AS California Pacific Time, THREE HOURS AHEAD of Hawaii, TWO HOUR BEHIND Central Time and THREE HOURS BEHIND Eastern Time.  

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