🐳 Your April whale and dolphin news đŸŹ

How you can help save a species, plus all the latest from the world of whales and dolphins.

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Thank you, your support matters

If you signed our petition to save New Zealand dolphins, I want to say a huge ‚thank you‘ – we genuinely appreciate your support. More than 41,000 people joined our campaign calling on the New Zealand government to keep Hector’s and Māui dolphins safe from the fishing nets that are pushing them towards extinction. We’ve closed the petition now and will give it to New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern soon. Watch this space!

We’ve still got a long way to go and we need you to help by taking part in our simple selfie action. Find out how below.

As always, on behalf of the whales, dolphins and everyone here at WDC, thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy your e-newsletter.

Julia Pix, WDC

Save NZ dolphins selfie action

Show your support

The petition may be closed but our campaign to save New Zealand dolphins continues. Please take part in our action. It’s easy and it’s quick. Just print our sign of support, take a picture and share on social media or email it to us. We need to show New Zealand’s government that the world is watching.


Limited edition Māui dolphin bag

A real bag for life

Treat yourself to one of these adorable Māui dolphin bags and help save the species from extinction. Hurry, because just like the Māui, there are fewer than 60 bags on the planet. For every bag sold, WDC will receive €30 euros towards our campaign to save New Zealand dolphins..


A sperm whale

Amazing record breakers

Did you know that sperm whales are the loudest whales and bowheads live the longest? Whales and dolphins are flippin‘ awesome and you can find more incredible record breakers on our new website…who do you think has the biggest mouth?



New date for beluga move

You may remember that awful weather meant we had to delay moving two belugas to their new ocean home. Little Grey and Little White are now scheduled to arrive in Iceland on 19 June.They continue to prepare for this complex journey.


Will Young in our new t-shirt

Please stop killing whales

Will Young is the latest famous face to join our fight to stop whaling. He’s wearing the new statement T-shirt by Katharine Hamnett. Produced in partnership with WDC, it carries a message for the governments ignoring the whaling ban. WDC benefits from every T-shirt sold.


Summer Raffle

Our Summer Raffle is now open!

It’s a great way to support our work.
Play today from just £1 for your chance to win £1000. If you enter before 27 May, you will be automatically entered into a free draw to win one of 20 whale-design WDC cotton bags. You must be aged 18 or over and reside in mainland Great Britain to play


Plastic Free Picnic

It’s time for a Plastic-free Picnic

Enjoy a Plastic-free Picnic with friends, family or colleagues this summer and combine it with one of our simple fundraising ideas to help whales and dolphins. Our top fundraiser will win a fantastic picnic prize from WDC Partner, Anorak, with other prizes for other top fundraisers.


Please consider making a donation today


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