Wrapping a cloth as a dress

Rainbow Light of the Goddess

In earlier times people dressed by covering their body with a cloth. The cloth was not sewed in any way and never got in contact with a needle. This may sound a bit boring, but is actually looking very beautiful, especially if you add a metallic belt and jewellery.

What do you need for this kind of dress?

What you need is any cloth that has the size of 1m/1.5m. 1.5m is here the length. If you are tall, you might add some centimeters to the lentgh, if you are short, you can make it a bit shorter but on average this should be a good size for people who are between 1.60 and 1.73 meters of hight.

Use any fabric, like cotton, natural silk or jute. Just make sure that it is comfortable on the skin, eco friendly and natural. The fabric of the cloth I use on the…

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