They call you weak

Rainbow Light of the Goddess

They call you weak, when you are too strong to obey them

When you don’t show what you can, they presume you are not capable of it

When you show what you can, they presume you are insecure and seek validation

When you are insecure and seek validation, it is a sign that you are not really capable

When you show no signs of insecurity you are arrogant, because you don’t even care about the validation of others

Everything is set up to keep you in control! They don’t want you to be free!

When you are defeated, they blame you for not getting up yourself

When you get up yourself, they say you are not surrendering

Whatever you do, it is always wrong,

Because they want to see you in a negative way,

Because they have learned themselves that they are negative for being here,

And that loving the…

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