A December 20th, 2019 Message from Grandma Chandra

Winter Solstice

Hello Soul Family!

December 21, 2019 contains the triple master numbers, 111 and 222.

The 111 represents the Feminine Principle. You are stepping into the new waves & new energies of Creation that is Feminine. You are moving into a new relationship between the Creator and Creation. You are co-creating together. 
The 222 represents the Masculine Principle. You are stepping out of duality and widening your world to embrace Multidimensionality. You are increasing your potential and strength in every aspect of your being.

Once you pass through the Solstice Stargates you will be able to blend the 111 and 222 together within your energetic field to allow these numbers to communicate and co-create in the best way for each of your individual soul tasks.

I love you All,
Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.
Hugs and Love to all of you,
 Gma and Cat 
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