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Whales and dolphins can give us all a welcome distraction! Dive into their world with your March e-news from Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Escape into the world of whales and dolphins! 

Hi  I’m happy to be bringing you your March e-news as escaping into the world of whales and dolphins can provide us all with a welcome boost in these difficult times.

Whales and dolphins are amazing and we can learn a lot from them. Many species live in tightly bonded societies and communities. They look out for each other, take care of their sick, communicate over vast distances, and they have fun!  I’ll never stop being inspired and fascinated by them.

I want to share this video with you to bring some wonder into your day. It’s just amazing to see and hear wild orcas so close and reminds us how important it is to protect them. (If you adopt an orca then you will have received it in your update last month, but watch it again!)

Finally, I’d like to reassure you that we’re still here, working hard to protect whales and dolphins all over the world. Most of us are working from home (much to the delight of our dogs and cats), but it’s business as usual and we’re all incredibly grateful for your support.

Come and join us on social media where we’re spreading the love every day with good news, inspiring stories and fun family activities. Get involved in our social community and let’s take the distance out of social distancing.

With very best wishes, on behalf of all of us at Whale and Dolphin Conservation,

Julia Pix

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A sperm whale

Dive into their world

How many species of whale and dolphin are there? Where have they come from? How do they socialise and behave? Why do they migrate? Is it true they can sing? Find out the answers to these questions and more…DIVE IN

A humpback dives

A humpback tale

Find out how one of our brilliant Shorewatch volunteers, and his friend, followed a humpback whale from the Caribbean to Norway, via Scotland. This amazing story shows how social media can help our understanding of whales and dolphins.FULL STORY

A group of orcas

Inspiring global action

Whales and dolphins cross borders and so countries work together to protect them. Before the travel ban, our policy manager, Nicola Hodgins, took part in an international meeting, achieving impressive results for our flippered friends!FIND OUT MORE

Orcas leap

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