David Icke & London Real, an Investigation

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Дигорон Кавказ

Дигорон Кавказ vor 4 Wochen I’m deeply concerned about big tech censorship. The same people who support the deplatforming of Icke, no matter how eccentric his views are, are the same people who would have supported the censorship of challenges to the Iraq WMD narrative. 277

Baghi Ballsakh

Baghi Ballsakh vor 5 Tagen This is fresh. Eloquently explained, non judgemental. It seems honest to me. 4

TheDay OfTheLion

TheDay OfTheLion vor 2 Wochen (bearbeitet) Rebel wisdom I’m going to call you out on something. Italy did have 5G and it had it in Milan Lombardy region too! https://www.rcrwireless.com/20200106/5g/italian-telcos-get-ready-reach-more-cities-5g-2020 Iran in march 2019 was building the inferstructure https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/434342/5G-telecom-network-in-Iran-high-on-agenda 7

Liquid Logic

Liquid Logic vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet) Be very wary of people saying “be responsible in free speech.” It’s a very slippery slope. I understand your caution. But we are on the verge of a civil war in US. Why are doctors being banned? Mainstream media is an extension of the state. Now is when you DON’T clamp down on discourse. When people can’t talk, they take other measures. Serious measures. 129

CO9 Productions

CO9 Productions vor 4 Wochen Around 27 min: The idea a psychiatrist can’t have an opinion on medicine that is informed is wrong. I strongly urge us to not be so attached to the idea of authoritative sources simply because of a title. Obviously a doctor will know more about medicine on average way more than a psychiatrist but we need to take these claims indepedent of the existing hierarchy of authority. It’s inconvenient but we should be critical of and open to everything. 68

Phil Hartley Music

Phil Hartley Music vor 4 Wochen Also David has been banned from YouTube however I’m still seeing the Orchard Advert constantly about David , so it’s ok for YouTube to earn money from his advertising but he can’t speak , interesting 151

sona salami

sona salami vor 3 Wochen Focus on your own mission. You’re profitting from other people’s hard work. 4

Jason Moon

Jason Moon vor 3 Wochen Good video but a tad the pot calling the kettle black, as Rebel Wisdom also run courses off the back of their YouTube vids 🤷🏻‍♂️. 19

Lunar Maroon

Lunar Maroon vor 4 Wochen An interesting question which hasn’t been answered as far as I know is why did Dr Fauci and NIAID fund the Wuhan lab with $3.7m. Surely it’s important that this gets resolved? 114

Human Torus

Human Torus vor 3 Wochen This is essential thinking, questioning, and a great idea of a ‚proposal‘ to Brian Rose and London Real. Please please please be careful with the use of the phrase ‚Conspiracy Theories‘ when referring to David Icke. This phrase has been used lazily and consistently to brush off and ‚away‘ ‚concepts‘ and ‚ideas’/ ‚potential Truths‘ ( some that may be far ‚truer‘ than ‚ideas’/’norms‘ the majority have been ‚accepting‘ without ‚questioning‘. Illumination of everything on all sides is what may be most helpful to everyone no?) It is very well known ( as factual as we can get about the phrase’s origins) that the Phrase ‚Conspiracy Theory‘ was created/ coined ( or even re-vived ) by the CIA in order to “prevent disbelief of official US Government ’stories“. It has been extremely ‚lazily‘ used – and was ingeniously created to be ‚adopted‘ and used in such a way by ‚media‘ for many decades. 34

Sarah Henderson

Sarah Henderson vor 4 Wochen (bearbeitet) Oooooooooo you getting into some deep water here our kid……. getting down to the actual fundamental foundations of reporting! Well it’s about bloody time!!!! But please don’t be mean to Ickes, he has obviously been taken advantage of in this situation…… let him speak his truth. A lot of what he has said has become the main stream narrative. How do you get to truth if someone is trying to hide it blatantly without asking simple questions? But also challenge him professionally if you ever get the opportunity to interview the man…. but shouting fire in a theater is not actually illegal if there is in fact a fire 🔥

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